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Departments and Subjects

Playschool and Kindergarten

Playschool and Kindergarten provide a joyful environment for primary learning. 
In our specially designed Playschool section, children participate in a variety of activities according to our Little GEMS Playschool curriculum
Emphasis is on the development of motor skills, language, early math concepts, social behaviour and the environment. Through a carefully directed programme of play, children acquire experience and explore their world, according to their individual abilities. Our teachers are trained to observe and record the children’s’ development and work closely with their parents, in understanding each child.
In the two years of Kindergarten, children pleasurably take their first steps in literacy and numerical skills. The children learn  at their own pace and acquire the fundamental skills of reading, writing and mathematics. Play continues to be the medium of learning and knowledge of the environment comes with the child’s language development.
Primary School
Grades 1 to 5
The Primary School at CIS Dasuya covers a period of five years wherein the scope and depth of learning increase gradually, while opportunities for play and creative expression continue to complement learning. The emphasis in the first two years (Grades 1 and 2) is on language with the introduction of a second language, on mathematics in practical terms and on the environment, encouraging observation and discovery. Children also use the computer as a tool for learning and communication.
In the Upper Primary (Grades 3 to 5) children begin to use their acquired skills in language and mathematics to take the initiative in learning, and teaching is designed to this purpose. Care is taken by teachers to ensure whole-class learning and the purpose of assessment is to reflect the quality of the students’ understanding. There is a broadening of the curriculum in Grades 4 and 5 as well as an increase in cognitive challenge.
Middle School
Grades 6 to 7
In the Middle School Years self-reliance in learning becomes an important aim. The curriculum incorporates social studies and science in addition to the subjects taught earlier. Attention is given to the requisite level in each subject by defining attainment standards. Collaborative learning is a regular feature at this stage, as children learn to work together, as well as independently. Children learn to set goals and have long-term objectives.
The afternoon activity programme provides each child an opportunity to discover and build a ‘spare time’ interest and engage in creative and constructive pursuits. Sports and hobbies play a role in drawing out talent and building

Scholastic Non- Scholastic
Languages –English, Hindi,Punjabi, French Art/Craft
Science Music/Dance/Drama
Mathematics Physical Education
Social Studies Personal & Social Education
Computers Health Education 

The Secondary School
Grade 9 to 10
The knowledge and skills gained during the Middle School years equip students with a firm academic foundation to pursue a variety of educational options in the future. Throughout the curriculum, students are presented with opportunities to research, solve problems and come to their own conclusions and make decisions.
At this stage, students have the choice of a curriculum leading to the All India Secondary School Examination conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE); New Delhi .The school offers students the option to sit for the IGCSE examination under the National Curriculum for England.
The Senior Secondary School 
Grades 11 to 12
Students in the Senior Secondary  become more specialized in  academics, and focus on their eventual career choices. CIS will offer a range of specialized subjects  to equip students for higher education and the professional world.
This is the Plus Two stage in the Indian 10+2 pattern of education, leading to the All India Senior School Certificate Examination conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi .The school offers students the option to sit for A/S and A levels under the National Curriculum for England.

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